Message of the Day

[01/07/2009]:  Had a wonderful vacation … was good to see my folks again.

[2008/12/14]: Enjoyed a nice one hour ride on an electric paddle boat at Lakes Park.

[2008/11/25]: HiDownload was able to save embedded WMV file.

[2008/10/18]: Successfully installed the NextGeneration Gallery plugin.

[20081015 | to do]: Brush up on retrieving data from mySQL database with PHP … implement for ‘top searches’ on SWFL blog …

[20081008 | to do]: Look into chat-room apps … see if there are any competing, local sites that offer moderated chat … possible themes: matchmaking (see:,, or business networking …

Earthlink requires server authentication for outgoing email in Outlook Express 6.

The movie, Igor, started off kind of slow. However, it turned out to be a worthwhile see.


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