Customize Title, Welcome Message and Buttons in Ajax Chat 0.8.3

Blue Imps’ AJAX Chat script is easy to install and fairly well documented in terms of customization options.  It has a sleek, uncluttered design that adheres XHTML standards.  Judging by the topics on the support discussion board at, it appears that users find Ajax Chat’s compatibility with their existing forum web software a big plus, too.

The examples below were successfully applied to the software in standalone mode…

Change the default title from “Ajax Chat” to something else.

  1. Open [two-letter language code].php located in /path/to/chat/lib/lang.  For example, /chat/lib/lang/en.php for an English translation.
  2. Edit line 11:

    $lang[‘title’] = Ajax Chat‘;

  3. Avoid using single quotes.
  4. Save changes.

Add a custom welcome message for chat room users.

  1. Open custom.js located in /path/to/chat/js.
  2. Add the following to the end of the file (related wiki entry):

    ajaxChat.customInitialize = function() {
        ajaxChat.addChatBotMessageToChatList(‘Welcome to our chat. Please follow the rules.‘);

  3. Avoid using single quotes.
  4. Save changes.

Remove and disable “Quote”, “Code”, “URL” and “Image” Buttons.

  1. Open loggedIn.html located in /path/to/chat/lib/template.
  2. Comment out the appropriate input button tags in the bbCodeContainer division (starts at line 135).
  3. Save changes.
  4. Open config.js located in /path/to/chat/js.
  5. Comment out the respective array items in the list of allowed BBCodes (starts at line 118) making sure that the last item in the array is not followed by a trailing comma.
  6. Save changes.

Add and/or manage the admin account and other registered users.

  1. Open users.php located in /path/to/chat/lib/data.
  2. See examples (defaults) for administrator, moderator and user accounts.
  3. Modify a user’s name, password and/or access level.  Or, copy and paste the desired array code block to create a new user making sure to increment the array number per new user:

    $users[number] = array();
    $users[number][‘userRole’] = AJAX_CHAT_USER;
    $users[number][‘userName’] = ‘newuser‘;
    $users[number][‘password’] = ‘password’;
    $users[number][‘channels’] = array(0,1);

  4. Save changes.

On a side note, the mySQL database table ajax_chat_messages will grow quickly because it stores individual chat messages.  Instead of manually deleting the entries via phpMyAdmin, a cron job could be used to reset/truncate the data.

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