Share Printer Between Windows XP Machines on Same Network

RE: Windows XP, HP OfficeJet 6500

The HP printer was already connected to a desktop computer running Windows XP Professional.  Another Windows XP machine on the network is able to share the printer as long as the 'connected' computer is powered on…
  1. Right-click My Computer and click Properties.
  2. In System Properties, select the Computer Name tab.
  3. For the printer to be shared, the Workgroup must be the same on both machines.  It can be whatever you call it, but it must be the same on both machines.
  4. From Control Panel > Printers and Other Hardware, run the Add Printer wizard.
  5. Set the radio button to "A network printer, or a printer connected to another computer".  Click Next.
  6. Make sure the dot is next to "Browse for Printer" and click Next.
  7. Double-click the 'Workgroup' name (see #2).
  8. Select the shared printer and Windows will install the drivers automatically.  Afterwards, there is an option to set the newly installed printer as the "default printer".

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