Lexmark T622 Printer Sharing Between Windows XP and Windows 7

RE:  Lexmark T622, Windows XP, Windows 7, file and printer sharing

The Lexmark T622 laser printer was connected via USB to a machine running Windows XP Professional.  The drivers were found and subsequently installed via a present Internet connection and the Add New Hardware Wizard.  This particular machine was chosen as the host because it is always powered on because of the magicJack software that it runs.

Another Windows XP machine on the same network (LAN) was able to access the printer after using the Network Setup Wizard to give it the same workgroup name as the host Windows XP machine physically connected to the printer.  From Printers & Faxes, the Add Printer wizard detected and installed the printer automatically.

The Windows 7 could detect and connect to the shared printer via Add Printer.  The Windows 7 machine did, however, report generic (Printer, Printer2, Printer3) devices in duplicate.  ‘Printer’ worked because out of the three printers associated with the host Windows XP machine, “Lexmark” appears first alphabetically:

  • Lexmark Universal
  • Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • QuickBooks PDF Converter

It should be noted that Windows 7 uses “Homegroups” and explicitly states that it is to be used exclusively with other Windows 7 machines.  Fortunately, Windows 7 is backwards compatible with file and printer sharing in Windows XP.



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