Installing Linksys WPC54G Wireless Network Card in Ubuntu 9.10

REF: Wireless Network w/ Linksys WPC54g

The article referenced above was written in June 2006.  Evidently, wireless networking under Ubuntu has made some progress since then.  Nine steps are outlined in the original article.  However, I was able to get the card working by using the first five:

  1. Install ndisgtk via the Synaptic Package Manager (‘ndiswrapper-utils’ was applied automatically).
  2. Download and extract v3.0 (not v3.1) of the Linksys WPC54G driver.  Version 3.1 is an .exe file; whereas v3.0 is a .zip file.
  3. In Ubuntu, open: System > Administration > Windows Wireless Drivers
  4. Point the Windows Wireless Drivers application to the LSBCMNDS.inf in the “NT” sub-folder of the extracted folder created in step 2.
  5. Use: System > Preferences > Network Connections to add an SSID for an available wireless network.  Reboot the computer.

This method has not been tested for WEP/WPA functionality.  Perhaps that is how the remaining four steps outlined by the author can be used.

NOTE:  In step 4, the error message: ‘Unable to see if hardware is present.’ can be ignored.


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