How to Kill a SeaMonkey and Other Process(es) in Linux

I could never get the latest version of Flash to work in my SeaMonkey web browser.  I use it to surf for reading material anyway.  Today, however, I stumbled across a motivational quotes web site that imposed its pop-up will on my poor browser.  I couldn’t close the offending tab without another dead-end dialogue window opening up and skirting my option to close the original pane/pain.

Similar to ending a task in the Windows Task Manager, I learned how to identify the process (application) that I wanted to shut down and how to ‘kill’ it.


# ps aux

The ps command ‘[reports] a snapshot of the current processes’.

After determining the process ID of SeaMonkey, I used the kill command.

# kill processID

I was then able to restart SeaMonkey.



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