Placing RSS Feed on WordPress [.org] Page

After installing the SimplePie plugin for WordPress, it seemed that I would have to edit the template by adding:

<?php echo SimplePieWP('http://feedgoeshere.tld'); ?>

Fortunately, I was able to forgo this task by using the Exec-PHP plugin that allows for the insertion of PHP code directly into posts and pages.  The editing had to be done in HTML mode and not visual mode via WYSIWYG editor.

On a side note, the feed that I wanted to place suffered from a cURL timeout error in its original form.  However, using Feedburner to convert the feed generated by the Menalto Gallery produced readable feed items.  In the converted feed, the preview images do not display in the post–a small price to pay for not having to tinker with the source template.

The resulting page can be found here.


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