First Impressions of Zenwalk Linux



Zenwalk installation was a success on IBM ThinkPad T22.  Video and audio from OK as viewed in default IceWeasel web browser.

The standby issues I was having with the previous Debian install do not seem to apply.  I decided to try the Zenwalk linux distro based on user input/review from aforementioned, referenced article noted below.

gujeroo on 2006-05-19:

“I also tried some different flavours of Linux on an even older Laptop (200MHz) and found that Zenwalk is an excellent Choice.”

Phil Vance on 2006-05-19:

“I’ve installed it on an old Sony PictureBook PCG-C1X with no major issues.”

The base operating system (OS) and applications are responsive (enough) on the tried and true Pentium 3 CPU with 192MB RAM.

Will keep Xubuntu in mind if updating Zenwalk turns into a chore …


So far, Zenwalk gets two thumbs up frome me.

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