Microsoft Outlook 2007 on Vista Continually Restarts


Laptop, Windows Vista, Outlook 2007


While pulling emails from several POP3 sources … Outlook 2007 asking to continually restart


  • ‘adware’ application was previously installed … confirm ‘ad-aware’ instead
  • OS and Microsoft Office updates status (unknown) … follow-up



  1. Ask about (any) previously unreported error messages.
  2. Determine Windows and Office updates status.
  3. Check ‘Event Viewer’ for logged errors.
  4. Check for conflicting Outlook 2007 plugins (see: anti-virus, anti-malware)
  5. Check for integrity of PST file by using built-in Outlook scanner
  6. Recommend data backup
  7. Be prepared to refer to local (Naples) tech (in network) for on-site visit.


This space reserved for solution and outcome.

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