Embedding a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation into WordPress

Microsoft Office PowerPoint continues to be a popular way for its users to present structured information in a slideshow format. A slideshow is essentially a series of slides or framed pages that are sequential in nature and (in its native format) can be viewed in order or navigated from within by selecting a particular frame or slide. In light of varying techniques mentioned at <http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=86212&gt; viewing a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation via web-browser, however, is slightly more complicated for the following reasons:

  • A Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation is best viewed in the Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Not all website visitors use Windows® Internet Explorer®.
  • For display purposes, the Windows operating system requires (at minimum) the Microsoft Office PowerPoint viewer/plugin.
  • Not all website visitors use the Windows operating system.

There are a couple of workarounds outlined in the aforementioned article.  Pixelchik and Sunny G offer individual solutions.  One method entails converting the PPT file in question to HTML and the the other recommends exporting to SWF, respectively.  In terms of inserting a single file into a WordPress page, the method suggested by Sunny G is the easiest … with the aid of a WordPress plugin found at <http://kimili.com/plugins/kml_flashembed/wp&gt;

The nice thing about the plugin is how it integrates with the existing WordPress framework as of version 2.6.1. Compare this method to copying and pasting the <object> code as HTML into a post.

More importantly, the OpenOffice Impress (mentioned in the original article) software is well worth the download because of its file conversion capabilities.

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    Embedding a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation into WordPress .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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