Converting HTML to CSV has changed the overall look and feel of its website.  I have been using the web-based service for a couple of months now.  I am quite impressed at all the features that help me organize and search my bookmarks.  I was able to export my exising bookmarks to an HTML file.  This file is a chronological list (a log) of the entries that I submitted to the service.

While looking for a way to convert this file to a CSV file I found a comment on a message board that relates to the process.


Arizona Web wrote:

if you alter the same script that generate the tables, get rid of the <table> and </table>, get rid of all </tr>, replace all instances of </td><td> with a tab, and replace all instances of <tr> wit ha line break, you have a properly formatted csv file (provided there are no tabs or line breaks in your data). You can then make a button that calls a script that generate the file for download.

The procedures outlined in the suggestion above could be made by using the search/replace function in my text editor.

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