Upgrading from WordPress 2.5.1 to 2.6

With regard to the worthwhileness of making the upgrade, there is commentary on the subject here.  The chatter about the newly released version mostly consists of positive feedback in terms of those who have already performed a successful upgrade or who state an interest in the new features.  There are, however, a few users who report that certain portions of their WordPress installation broke as a result of the upgrade to 2.6. After reading some more on the subject, I decided to upgrade this site to the newer version.  Long story short, the upgrade was a success.  The only notable bug is a comments flag that does not render properly in terms of position in my web browser (Opera v9.51).  Fortunately, the functionality of this indicator seems to have been unaffected.

I was probably spared some grief because this site differs from other posters that commented in the original article in that:

  • This site is still relatively small in terms of database use and images.
  • This site does not utilize many plug-ins or widgets that are available and known to break during upgrades.
  • I read and reread the instructions found here.

The main instructions page is well thought out but extensive.  I was able to locate the appropriate sections that applied to my type of web server and software.  I opted for the Three Step Upgrade.  A brief outline of the steps follows:

  1. Backup the existing WordPress application and database.
  2. Copy newest WordPress files over the previous, installed version.
  3. Run the upgrade.php script to update the database.

As a side, I’m currently in the middle of porting another project (powered by WordPress 2.5.1) to a new server.  I plan to bring this site up to 2.6, as well.  A question arises as to whether or not I should perform the upgrade on the test server and then transfer the files to the new server.  Or, is it possible to (essentially) upgrade on the fly between servers.  We’ll soon find out …

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