Organizing Bookmarks Online

I tried to stay on top of my bookmarks by utilizing my web browsers’ favorites function or sending myself an email with a description of the link in the subject line and the actual link in the message.  I have tried out a few web server installable applications, as well; the most notable coming from  I even went as far as creating my own databases with tools available from and and to then include and/or embed them in my pages.  Each of these methods had its advantages and its disadvantages:

  • Using my web browser to bookmark was a no-brainer.  Ctrl-D was real handy.  However, I eventually found myself with a cumbersome list of unorganized links (laziness) that I had to scroll through to browse.
  • Emailing myself a link seemed like a better solution, at first.  I went as far as creating an incoming mail filter that would sort these particular emails into their own folder.  Whether it was through a standalone client or webmail interface, I found myself ignoring this folder in favor of replying to actual emails.
  • The web applications that I installed/included/embedded myself were closer to what I was looking for in terms of bookmark management.  I would be, afterall, web browsing for other pages to bookmark.  It made sense that I should be able to jump to a web page where I had warehoused links to my favorite sites.  This procedure came very close to what I was looking for, but the upkeep on the background applications could get tedious.  I will say that the learning experience was invaluable.
  • In time, I found myself memorizing certain keywords or phrases that I knew lead to a specfic, search result page in Google™.  Ultimately, I remembered why I had been so keen on bookmarking in the first place.  My memory, at times, does not serve me well.  Fortunately, I located an article where its commenters discuss the merits of social bookmarking.

Here is a list of some of the web-based tools that were mentioned:


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